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In the diverse tapestry of our world, one intriguing aspect is the significant variation in average heights among different countries. This article explores the average height in the world, for men and women separately, while also delving into the heights of the tallest and shortest countries. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the fascinating differences in stature that exist globally.

Average Height in the World:

The average height across the globe is a topic that reflects the unique genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors of each region. While countries like the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Estonia boast an impressive average height of 183-184 cm, others, such as Brunei, Indonesia, and Cambodia, have an average height of around 166-165 cm.

Average Height for Men and Women:

Breaking down the averages by gender, we observe variations between men and women. On average, men tend to be taller than women. The global average height for men hovers around the 170 cm mark, while for women, it is slightly lower, emphasizing the inherent physiological differences between the sexes.

Tallest Countries:

Among the nations with towering average heights, the Netherlands consistently stands out, with its citizens averaging an impressive 184 cm. Joining the ranks of tall nations are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Montenegro, Denmark, Iceland, Croatia, Czechia, Finland, and Latvia, where individuals reach an average height of 183-182 cm.

Top 10 Tallest Countries:

  1. Netherlands – 184 cm
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina – 183 cm
  3. Estonia – 183 cm
  4. Montenegro – 183 cm
  5. Denmark – 182 cm
  6. Iceland – 182 cm
  7. Croatia – 181 cm
  8. Czechia – 181 cm
  9. Finland – 181 cm
  10. Latvia – 181 cm

Tallest Country in the World:

The coveted title of the tallest country in the world goes to the Netherlands. Renowned for its tall population, the Netherlands has become synonymous with elevated stature, and this characteristic continues to captivate the world’s curiosity.

Shortest Countries:

Conversely, some nations stand out for their shorter average heights. Countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Madagascar, Brunei, Indonesia, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone have an average height of 165-166 cm.

Top 10 Shortest Countries:

  1. Brunei – 166 cm
  2. Indonesia – 166 cm
  3. Liberia – 166 cm
  4. Malawi – 166 cm
  5. Mauritania – 166 cm
  6. Rwanda – 166 cm
  7. Sierra Leone – 166 cm
  8. Bangladesh – 165 cm
  9. Cambodia – 165 cm
  10. Madagascar – 165 cm

Shortest Country in the World:

When it comes to the shortest country in the world, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Madagascar share the spotlight. These nations showcase a compact stature, contributing to the overall global diversity in height.

Average Height By Country

RankCountryAverage Height
1Netherlands184 cm
2Bosnia and Herzegovina183 cm
3Estonia183 cm
4Montenegro183 cm
5Denmark182 cm
6Iceland182 cm
7Croatia181 cm
8Czech Republic181 cm
9Finland181 cm
10Latvia181 cm
11Lithuania181 cm
12Norway181 cm
13Poland181 cm
14Serbia181 cm
15Slovakia181 cm
16Slovenia181 cm
17Sweden181 cm
18Ukraine181 cm
19Bermuda180 cm
20Dominica180 cm
21Germany180 cm
22Puerto Rico180 cm
23Andorra179 cm
24Antigua and Barbuda179 cm
25Australia179 cm
26Austria179 cm
27Belarus179 cm
28Belgium179 cm
29Canada179 cm
30France179 cm
31Greece179 cm
32Grenada179 cm
33Ireland179 cm
34Lebanon179 cm
35Luxembourg179 cm
36Switzerland179 cm
37New Zealand178 cm
38Romania178 cm
39Saint Vincent and the Grenadines178 cm
40United Kingdom178 cm
41United States of America178 cm
42Barbados177 cm
43Hungary177 cm
44Jamaica177 cm
45Russia177 cm
46Tunisia177 cm
47Brazil176 cm
48Georgia176 cm
49Iran176 cm
50Israel176 cm
51Kazakhstan176 cm
52Libya176 cm
53Moldova176 cm
54Morocco176 cm
55People’s Republic of China176 cm
56Republic of Macedonia176 cm
57Saint Lucia176 cm
58Senegal176 cm
59Seychelles176 cm
60Singapore176 cm
61South Korea176 cm
62Spain176 cm
63Trinidad and Tobago176 cm
64Turkey176 cm
65Algeria175 cm
66Argentina175 cm
67Dominican Republic175 cm
68Egypt175 cm
69Hong Kong175 cm
70Jordan175 cm
71Kuwait175 cm
72Mali175 cm
73North Korea175 cm
74Palestine175 cm
75Suriname175 cm
76Albania174 cm
77Armenia174 cm
78Azerbaijan174 cm
79Bulgaria174 cm
80Costa Rica174 cm
81Cuba174 cm
82Fiji174 cm
83Iraq174 cm
84Italy174 cm
85Malta174 cm
86Paraguay174 cm
87Portugal174 cm
88Saint Kitts and Nevis174 cm
89Taiwan174 cm
90The Bahamas174 cm
91Turkmenistan174 cm
92United Arab Emirates174 cm
93Uruguay174 cm
94Venezuela174 cm
95Bahrain173 cm
96Botswana173 cm
97Chile173 cm
98Cyprus173 cm
99Mauritius173 cm
100Qatar173 cm
101Burkina Faso172 cm
102Cameroon172 cm
103Chad172 cm
104Colombia172 cm
105Guyana172 cm
106Haiti172 cm
107Japan172 cm
108Kyrgyzstan172 cm
109Nigeria172 cm
110Oman172 cm
111Sudan172 cm
112Syria172 cm
113Thailand172 cm
114Belize171 cm
115Djibouti171 cm
116El Salvador171 cm
117Eritrea171 cm
118Gabon171 cm
119Guinea171 cm
120Kenya171 cm
121Mongolia171 cm
122Palau171 cm
123Republic of the Congo171 cm
124Saudi Arabia171 cm
125Somalia171 cm
126Uzbekistan171 cm
127Zimbabwe171 cm
128Federated States of Micronesia170 cm
129Ghana170 cm
130Honduras170 cm
131Mexico170 cm
132Namibia170 cm
133Nauru170 cm
134Nicaragua170 cm
135Niger170 cm
136Panama170 cm
137South Africa170 cm
138São Tomé and Príncipe170 cm
139Togo170 cm
140Angola169 cm
141Central African Republic169 cm
142Democratic Republic of the Congo169 cm
143Ethiopia169 cm
144Malaysia169 cm
145Uganda169 cm
146Vietnam169 cm
147Afghanistan168 cm
148Benin168 cm
149Bolivia168 cm
150Comoros168 cm
151Equatorial Guinea168 cm
152Guinea-Bissau168 cm
153Ivory Coast168 cm
154Lesotho168 cm
155Maldives168 cm
156Sri Lanka168 cm
157Tajikistan168 cm
158The Gambia168 cm
159Vanuatu168 cm
160Zambia168 cm
161Bhutan167 cm
162Burundi167 cm
163Ecuador167 cm
164India167 cm
165Myanmar167 cm
166Pakistan167 cm
167Peru167 cm
168Tanzania167 cm
169Brunei166 cm
170Indonesia166 cm
171Liberia166 cm
172Malawi166 cm
173Mauritania166 cm
174Rwanda166 cm
175Sierra Leone166 cm
176Bangladesh165 cm
177Cambodia165 cm
178Madagascar165 cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: What factors contribute to the variation in average heights across different countries?

A1: The variation in average heights is influenced by a combination of genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors. Genetics play a crucial role, but environmental factors such as diet, healthcare, and overall living conditions also contribute significantly.

Q2: Why do men tend to be taller than women on average?

A2: On average, men tend to be taller than women due to differences in sex hormones, primarily growth hormone and testosterone. These hormones play a key role in determining the rate and duration of growth during puberty, contributing to the overall height difference.

Q3: Which country has the tallest average population?

A3: The Netherlands consistently ranks as the country with the tallest average population, with individuals reaching an impressive 184 cm on average.

Q4: Are there any notable exceptions to the global trend of taller men?

A4: Yes, there are exceptions, and individual height can vary widely within any population. While global trends suggest that men are taller on average, there are regions and communities where women may have comparable or even slightly taller average heights.

Q5: How accurate are these average height measurements?

A5: Average height measurements are generally reliable and are obtained through surveys and studies conducted by health organizations and researchers. However, variations may exist, and the data should be interpreted considering factors such as sample size and study methodology.


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