Top 10 Countries with AVERAGE IQ IN THE WORLD IN 2024

United States  

Average IQ Score  74.88 

– Brief information on the United States' IQ score – Any notable factors contributing to the score

United Kingdom

Average IQ Score  64.19

– Overview of the United Kingdom's IQ score – Possible factors influencing the intelligence quotient


Average IQ Score  64.18 

– Brief on Germany's IQ score – Factors that might contribute to the intelligence level


Average IQ Score  63.96 

– Presentation of Australia's IQ score – Mention of relevant factors impacting intelligence


Average IQ Score  63.60 

– Information on Singapore's IQ score – Unique aspects that could contribute to intelligence


Average IQ Score  61.58 

– Insight into Sweden's IQ score – Noteworthy factors that may influence intelligence


Average IQ Score  61.57 

– Brief overview of Switzerland's IQ score – Factors that could be contributing to the intelligence level


Average IQ Score  61.15 

– Presentation of Canada's IQ score – Any distinct factors affecting intelligence in the country


Average IQ Score  60.45

– Insight into Finland's IQ score – Key factors that may contribute to intelligence


Average IQ Score  60.25

– Overview of Denmark's IQ score – Notable factors that could influence intelligence in the country